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Financial Market Research


Testimonials - Financial Sector


Finance Sector: Brand Perception Survey

"DJS provided us with a great all round service with a quality output report that will help shape our business going forward. Highly recommended to any business!"

Cunningham Lindsey

"The service from DJS was flexible, professional and resulted in a very useful piece of research with the final report combining information and insight".

Anonymous: Financial Sector 

"The customer service in general, from the responsiveness to the communication and the overall quality of the output, was very satisfying and it was a great working relationship throughout"

Anonymous: Financial Sector, Marketing Communications 

"Always happy to advise and listen; happy to provide additional information on request; quick responses to questions; project delivered on time and within budget".

Shepherds Friendly Society

"The research undertaken by DJS has provided us with a far better insight into the attitudes and aspirations of our members. Although it confirmed certain assumptions we had about our members, the research also highlighted one or two unexpected findings, and as such will enable us to improve the relationship we have with our members.

However, the benefit of any research like this is only as good as the response you make to it. In combining its research skills with the technical knowledge of Nathan Dickman, DJS provided us with valuable feedback not only on how to improve the look and feel of our sites, but also how to increase the accessibility of those sites."

GRS Group

"DJS ran our research programme professionally and smoothly - even through some adverse times. Very supportive and delivered on time. Highly recommended"

Unity Trust Bank

" We wanted our research to form part of our future strategy development as well as review our customer service. A brief was written and put out to tender with 3 experienced market research companies.

Not only were DJS Research the first to respond, but you asked questions in order to clarify our exact requirements and thus your response stood out by its differentiation and ability to stretch our initial thoughts.

DJS Research was particularly competitive in terms of cost even though the research included face-to-face interviews which would involved travelling all over the country at your own expense rather than an additional cost to us.

Unity Trust Bank would highly recommend DJS to any company that wants to move their company forward and reach its customers. You and your team are friendly and approachable and consistently professional in your interactions with both the company and our customers.

You have been with us every step of the way from spending time in our Customer Service area to presenting your findings. Looking back at our previous research and suppliers, it is fair to say that we definitely made the right choice and look forward to working with you again. "

Contacting DJS Research Ltd

If you would like further information about any of our market research services please get in touch with DJS Research Ltd by filling out our on-line web form - click here or phone us on +44 (0)1663-767857 We look forward to hearing about your market research survey.


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