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Market Research Services


Our core services and sector experience are outlined here, or you might prefer to visit our new corporate website, which has our most up-to-date services and sector information. The new site can be found here: DJS Research Ltd  

DJS Research aims to operate in a flexible way. For your market research, you might require a full service approach i.e. including the initial proposal through to fieldwork and the delivery of the results. Or you may need resource for a particular aspect of the project. Whichever, we will be happy to fit in with your individual requirements.

In brief, our main services include the following:

- Qualitative and Quantitative Research
- Research Design
- Face-to-Face Interviewing (In-Home/Street/In-Store/Exit)
- Accompanied Shops/Surfs
- Hall Tests
- Telephone Interviewing
- Postal and Self-Completion
- Online Research
- Depth Interviews
- Focus Groups/Group Discussions
- Data Processing and Analysis
- Interpretation & Reporting

We carry out research with both consumers and businesses in a number of industry sectors including:

- Chemicals (See Chemicals Market Research)
- Construction (See Construction Market Research)
- Education (See Education Market Research)
- Engineering (See Engineering Market Research)
- Financial Services (See Financial Market Research)
- Food (See Food Market Research)
- Government (See Local Government Market Research)
- Information Technology (See IT Market Research)
- Insurance (See Insurance Market Research
- Media and Advertising (See Media & Advertising Market Research
- Medical & Healthcare (See Healthcare Market Research)
- Oil and Gas (See Oil and Gas Market Research
- Professional Services (See Professional Services Market Research)
- Public sector (See Public Sector Research)
- Retail (See Retail Market Research)
- Sport, Leisure & Tourism (See Sport Leisure & Tourism Market Research)  
- Telecommunications (See Telecommunications Market Research)
- Transport (See Transport Market Research)
- Utilities (See Utilities Market Research)

For a more specific view of the type of clients we work with, please have a look at our: testimonials

Our services are discussed in more detail below. All of the projects conducted by DJS Research are carried out according to the strict rules and standards of the Market Research Society and ESOMAR. We conduct projects throughout the UK and overseas: international market research

Research Design

Helping and advising on a suitable market research package that fits your individual requirements. We will work with you to identify and put in place a programme of market research that will provide the answers to your business needs. Whatever your market research budget, our company will be able to advise on a suitable way forward that will produce actionable and meaningful results. Initial market research advice and help is free of charge - and we would be more than happy to submit a detailed market research proposal for your project.

Project Management

For your market research our company will take care of the design of the project e.g. questionnaire design, topic guide design etc, the management and implementation of the project - making sure that your market research project runs smoothly, to plan and also adheres to the standards of the Market Research Society. In addition, as well as carrying out the fieldwork, we will manage the detailed analysis and interpretation of the market research findings.

Desk Research

At DJS Research we believe that desk research is an important part of the market research process and is something that is neglected by many market research company. Often agencies will focus purely on primary data (i.e. original/first hand market research) which does run the risk of limiting the effectiveness of the market research. At DJS Research, we feel that before undertaking any market research project, we should at least ask the question - what existing research is already out there? You'd be surprised how much information and market research data is already available, it's just a matter of finding it! Desk research or secondary research is therefore something that our market research company can help with.

Market Research Depth Interviews

We have many years experience of conducting in-depth market research face to face or telephone interviews with consumers or businesses. The in-depth interview is a one-to-one qualitative market research technique. It is used in both business to business and consumer market places to help understand opinions and perceptions. The interview is un-structured, open in nature and allows the market researcher (or executive interviewer) to explore issues in detail. The depth interview is often an initial part of the research process that allows the researcher to understand issues in depth before moving onto quantification. Our market research company is able to carry out the recruitment and conducting of depth interviews.

Market Research Group Discussions or Focus Groups

The market research group discussion or focus group is another qualitative market research technique carried out with consumers or businesses. Again, they are open ended in nature and help market research clients understand opinions, perceptions, generate ideas or gauge reactions to concepts. Groups normally include between 5 and 8 respondents and a research moderator who carefully leads the discussion. If you are looking to conduct either mini or full group discussions with consumers or businesses, our market research company will be able to help with the recruitment, conducting the actual groups, analysis and offering meaningful and actionable market research results.

Market Research Questionnaire and Topic Guide Design

To carry out many market research projects a questionnaire or topic/discussion guide is required. Designing these research tools is a key market research skill - far too often people assume that producing a questionnaire is simple and straightforward, but it is not. Careful attention should be paid to things such as the language used, communicating the meaning of questions precisely, keeping question specific i.e. not asking two questions in one and not being ambiguous. Our market research company will ensure that a suitable research tool is used to meet your objectives.

Telephone and Face to Face Market Research Interviews

Through our strategic partnership with Feedback Market Research (a fieldwork market research company) we are able to offer a team of market research telephone interviewers, with CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) facilities. We also have access to a national network of trained interviewers who are able to handle all types of face-to-face interviews, including: street interviews, in-home interviews, door to door and hall testing.

Internet Market Research

With more and more people using the World-Wide-Web every day, internet market research is increasingly becoming a more popular methodology for projects. The method is cost effective and relatively easily allows access to large sample sizes. If you wish and if appropriate, DJS Research will be happy to help out with an internet market research company survey. We have access to a unique service called "OnQuest" that provides on-going or ad-hoc data for all kinds of market research and marketing initiatives. Click here for more information.

Market Research Company Analysis

Once we've conducted your market research fieldwork, the data will need to be analysed. There are various methods that can be adopted to do this depending on whether your market research project is qualitative, quantitative or both. For quantitative market research we are able to utilise various statistical packages that enable us to produce detailed market research data tabulations - these allow in-depth integration of the market research data. For qualitative market research, summary transcripts of all interviews or group discussions are produced - analysis is then conducted using these market research summaries.

Reporting Market Research Company Findings

After the market research analysis comes the reporting. At our market research company we produce clear, succinct, action-oriented market research reports and presentations - ones that are not left on the shelf! You might want us to produce a market research report in Microsoft word format or a Powerpoint presentation - whichever, we will fit in with your needs.

Research Coverage

We operate throughout the North West, UK and Globally:

Market Research North West: Market Research Manchester: Market Research Liverpool: Market Research Merseyside: Market Research Cheshire: Market Research Lancashire: Market Research Yorkshire; Market Research London: Market Research Leeds: Market Research Birmingham: Market Research Kent

Contacting DJS Research

If you would like further information about any of the above market research services please get in touch with DJS Research by filling out our on-line web form - click here or phone us on +44 (0)1663-767857 We look forward to hearing about your market research company requirements.

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