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Testimonials - Technology/Telecomms Sector


4S Information Systems Ltd

"This was our first 'big' market research project and so we were a bit skeptical of how much benefit it would be, but it has given us the way ahead and identified some new opportunities. We could have never done this on our own, to this top class level. DJS have done a great job for us"

TBWA Manchester 

"My experience of DJS leads me only to believe that they are a wonderfully professional, efficient, thorough and courteous group of individuals at all stages of the research process, leaving both myself and my Client extremely satisfied not only with the research results but the service we received as a whole".

PureCM (Provider of Source Control Software) 

"I have been impressed by the short period of time DJS needed to grasp the essence of our research goals. They pushed hard to get the results we wanted and showed great commitment. All in all, I am very satisfied with the actionable results DJS delivered"

Marketing Agency, New Product Development Research (Telecomms)

"Very professional, good location and facilities, very good interviewer - got the most out of the attendees, very good value for money."

Armstrong Laing (Cost Management Software Provider)

"The Customer Survey carried out by DJS Research was extremely thorough at all stages of the project. The key to success was a lot of hard work in the initial stages in ensuring that the survey was set up to meet our exact information requirements. The project was delivered on time, within budget and more than exceeded our expectations."

Contacting DJS Research Ltd

If you would like further information about any of our market research services please get in touch with DJS Research Ltd by filling out our on-line web form - click here or phone us on +44 (0)1663 767857 We look forward to hearing about your market research survey.

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