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James Hinde

James Hinde

James Hinde Profile

James has worked in the market research industry for more than 12 years. After graduating from Leeds University with a degree in Psychology and Sociology he joined Business & Market Research (B&MR) where he managed research projects across a range of sectors.  Later in his career at B&MR he began to specialise in business to business research for high profile clients such as DuPont or Caterpillar and was a key member of the international team conducting large global projects.  Following 2 acquisitions, B&MR became Harris Interactive and James worked as an Associate Director responsible for developing and managing key accounts.

During his career he has worked across a whole range of sectors with some key ones including:

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Chemicals
  • Oil
  • Gases
  • Apparel
  • Agriculture

James is skilled in and comfortable with the full range of research techniques.  He has managed quantitative projects across the range of modes (field, phone and on-line) utilising analytic tools such as Segmentation, Conjoint and Modelling.  He is an experienced group moderator and depth interviewer and has managed on-line qualitative projects.        

James has used research in a variety of applications including customer satisfaction, marketing communications and PR, branding, new product development, market sizing, exporting and channel strategy.  His broad research and industry sector knowledge and experience enables him to quickly identify the best solution to a research brief, execute all aspects of a project competently and report findings and recommendations within a commercial context.  

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